ECCU Independent Practitioner (IP) School

Are you finding it difficult to access the required number of supervised scans towards attaining CPoCUS Core IP status? Or do you just want to refresh / improve your technique and interact with highly experienced instructors?

This course has been developed for clinicians in Canada who have completed an introductory ultrasound course and would like access to supervised practice. We provide both normal models and patients with pathology, ultrasound machines and supervision by CEUS Independent Practitioners. See CPoCUS - Independent Practitioner (IP)

Within a supportive learning environment you will have access to approximately 20 models/patients during the day. This enables you to perform 20 - 25 scans in each of Aorta, FAST, Pelvic and Cardiac (and 10 Lung). All scans will be supervised and those that are determinate will be signed off in your IP log book.

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