ECCU Modules and Roadshow

ECCU modular education can be delivered to you to in a more flexible time-frame, location, and tailored to meet your needs. Contact us for further information if you feel you or your group might be interested.

Build your own one-day course incorporating the Introduction module* plus 2 major modules** or 3 minor modules*** from:


  • ECCU Introduction to Point of Care Ultrasound*
    • An introduction to using ultrasound and image optimization
  • ECCU Basic Cardiac**
    • Basic Echo in Life Support
  • ECCU Ultrasound Simulation**
    • Focused ultrasound on the Vimedix Simulator (available only at Saint John or other Vimedix site). Click here for video
  • ECCU Advanced Cardiac**
    • Focused Echo including subxiphoid, parasternal and apical views
  • ECCU Vessels**
    • Aorta and IVC
  • ECCU Vascular Access**
    • Central and peripheral vascular access
  • ECCU Trauma**
    • FAST and Thoracic scanning
  • ECCU Pelvic**
    • Early pregnancy ultrasound
  • ECCU Abdominal**
    • Focused Renal and Gallbladder ultrasound
  • ECCU MSK***
    • Focused ultrasound for soft tissue injury, fractures, foreign bodies and abscesses
  • ECCU DVT***
    • Focused ultrasound for DVT
  • ECCU Ocular***
    • Focused Ocular ultrasound
  • ECCU Lung***
    • Focused Lung ultrasound for pleural effusions, pneumothorax, consolidation, alveolar and interstitial fluid


Contact us for further information if you feel you or your group might be interested.

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