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ECCU Modules Roadshow @ The Maritime Trauma Emergency Medicine Conference

April 3rd and 4th 2014

Ramada Inn, Crystal Palace

Moncton, New Brunswick

Conference Website

Available to delegates at the Maritime Trauma Emergency Medicine Conference

Book here: Conference Website or email: NBTrauma@HorizonNB.ca

Phone: 506-648-8040

The introduction to Point of Care Ultrasound (PoCUS) module is aimed at absolute beginners. We will take you through the basics of setting up and operating an ultrasound machine. We will give you hands on practice and teach you the standard views for Abdominal Aorta, FAST and Obstetric (confirmation of IUP).

On Day 2 (4th April 2014) we offer two enhanced modules aimed at those with some bedside ultrasound (PoCUS) experience. You do not have to be an IP to enrol in these modules, however some pre-existing familiarity with ultrasound will be beneficial.

The first enhanced module will focus on Resuscitation Ultrasound. We will introduce you to Lung Ultrasound, including pneumothorax, pleural effusions, hemothorax and chest tubes. We will give you instruction on how to obtain and basic interpretation of the standard cardiac echo views. Shock ultrasound utilises a number of views to determine likely cause and volume status, it includes DVT scanning.

The second enhanced module covers procedural PoCUS. This session includes ultrasound guided central venous access. We will cover Internal Jugular, Femoral and Subclavian. We will demonstrate how to diagnose fracture and how to use ultrasound to guide perfect reduction. In addition we will teach a few basic/common ultrasound guided nerve blocks.

Conference delegates are invited to apply for the above modules via the conference website or email. A separate fee will apply for these parallel conference workshop streams. Spaces will be limited. email: NBTrauma@HorizonNB.ca for more details.

Delegates booked on the ECCU Modules Roadshow will be sent a link to online lectures before the course.
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