ECCU Paramedical

The ECCU Paramedical course is a one day emergency ultrasound course aimed at EMS personnel who wish to expand their practice by utilizing point of care ultrasound(pocus). The course teaches paramedics the basic concepts of emergency ultrasound including physics and instrumentation. Additionally, emergency scanning for abdominal free fluid (FAST exam) and vascular access techniques are taught. Courses are run by emergency specialists with experience in pocus.

Using a combination of pre-reading, interactive lectures and hands-on workstations, the above concepts will be taught and give EMS personnel from both the emergency department and prehospital setting, the confidence to start practising pocus.

Many clinicians are recognizing the benefits of focused ultrasound performed at the bedside for acutely ill or injured patients.


Basic Ultrasound Physics

How to use an Ultrasound Machine

Cardiac Scanning (subxiphoid views)

FAST scanning

Ultrasound-guided Vascular Access

Training and Certification

Pre-Reading Material

  • ECCU Paramedical PoCUS Intro / Physics
  • ECCU Paramedical E-FAST 1 Abdo / Pelvis
  • ECCU Paramedical E-FAST 2 Cardiac / Chest
  • ECCU Paramedical VAscular Access
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