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12th October 2018 - FULL

- Ipswich, UK


Travelling to UK for our course? We also run courses in Canada....


Are you an acute care clinician looking for ways to improve your diagnostic and management skills for the care of your critically ill or injured patient? Did you ever consider whether there was a better way to diagnose abdominal aortic aneurysm or fast-track trauma patients to surgery? Were you aware of the new resuscitation guidelines recommending the use of focused cardiac ultrasound in the management of the peri-arrest patient?

Established in 2002, Emergency Ultrasound UK is the home of quality ultrasound training for acute care clinicians. Our courses are run from venues in the East of England and are delivered by practicing acute care clinicians and sonographers with many years of ultrasound experience. Our experienced faculty include consultants in Emergency Medicine, Critical Care, Radiology and Sonography from around the UK.

Our directors are leaders in the field of Point of Care Ultrasound

All of our courses have patients with course-realted real pathology including free intra-abdominal fluid, AAA and MSK pathology.

Many UK Emergency Departments, Critical Care Units, Acute Medical and Surgical Units are recognising the benefits of focused ultrasound performed in the department by trained staff. Level 1 competencies are compulsory for Emergency Medicine specialist accreditation.

Our Level 1 courses are aimed at those wishing to start using ultrasound in their clinical practice, or to expand their skills. We have had over 1750 clinicians attend our courses in Cambridge and Ipswich, in the East of England, where we continue to provide the UK's leading courses for Emergency and Critical Care Ultrasound.

Our Feedback

We have been running Emergency Ultrasound courses since 2003. Here are the views from some of those that have attended our previoes courses:

"Excellent Day. Good hands on experience"

"Excellent course overall, well run and enjoyable"

"Overall excellent opportunity to attend this wonderful course - I shall be recommending it to my Middlegrade doctors"

"De-mystified ultrasound!"

"Well organised and presented course. Highly recommended"

"Great course for surgical and critical care trainees as well as emergency medics"

" Lectures well organised, instructors well experienced and friendly"

"Very good, enthusiastic instructors"

"Great hands-on experience with real patients and real pathology !"

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